Pottery Preview

by - December 16, 2011

This morning we had one last kiln opening for the season. Tomorrow is the Rock & Shop Market in Durham, NC, and I'm happy to say I have plenty inventory for the show. Earlier this week I stopped by Helping Hand Mission and picked up a shelf that will give my table some more vertical interest and space for display.

The good news about this firing is that the mugs were a success. I'm pleased with the weight and shape of the various mugs, and they were simple enough to throw and glaze. So after years of saying I would never do mugs, I'm saying I do mugs. The bad news is that most of my French butter crocks were a failure. The design I was going for ended up being far too complicated to throw and glaze, and the glazing was a disaster that led to several cuts on my hands while trying to get the lids off after firing. So, unless I come up with a more simple process, just keep your butter in the fridge.

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