by - December 26, 2011

December, is this really you? The yellow in the yard was very unexpected. Due to the unseasonably warm weather last week, some of the lettuce bolted, and our Renee's Mesclun lettuce mix is now blossoming and attracting little bees. After heavily pruning the Chinese Privet, we discovered that a usually hidden little bush also blossoms this time of year. If anyone cares to do a little plant identification for me, I'd be much obliged.

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  1. Is your mystery bush the bottom 2 pictures? That is Mahonia, a very old fashioned pass-along shrub that was popular here in Memphis from around 1910-1940, so you find it around a lot of old houses. The flowers form a dusky purple fruit (inedible for us, but good for birds) -- giving the old timey name, southern grape. When you find one in a suburban, newer subdivision it is usually from a bird dropping a seed, or maybe a previous owner getting one from a grandparent's house. You seldom see them for sale at nurseries.

  2. Thanks! Knowing what it is makes me appreciate it so much more :)



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