Did you forget to start seeds indoors?

by - March 26, 2012

If you live in the Southeast, no doubt you've been bit by the Spring bug. You can't go to a grocery store without seeing displays of plants for sale. The Farmer's Markets are starting to buzz again and seeing all the fresh produce might make you want to get your hands dirty. Yet, what's that? You forgot to start your seedlings two months ago? That's right. Some of us gardening crazies started planting our tomatoes and pepper 8 - 10 weeks ago. The good news is, since that last killing frost date is right around the corner (remember, it's just a statistical date!) you can skip the whole window invasion and dirt in your carpet.

Many veggies are ready to be transplanted, and even more are ready to be sown straight into the ground. The only thing you've really missed out on at this point is getting to grow that truly unique tomato variety that the local nurseries and home improvement stores don't carry. Don't cry though - many places now carry tasty heirlooms and more than the standard big-better-bigger-yellow-boy varieties. Cost isn't too bad either. My local nursery is telling four-packs of veggies for only $1.49. Given all the work I've put into caring for the seedlings, it makes me consider just buying plants myself!

So now that we are fully in Spring, in my zone (7b) it is a little late to start early spring crops like broccoli, peas and carrots, but there will be another shot at those in the fall. Summer crops that start great from seeds outdoors: potatoes, squash, cucumbers, beans, melons, okra, corn, and herbs like dill, cilantro and basil.

If you are a new gardener and are giving a shot at your first raised beds, www.gardeners.com has a great planner tool that will let you take and altar their pre-designed kitchen gardens. Not only does it have fun layouts, but the designs come with planting tips for all the crops you select.

Good luck!

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  1. I'd like to plant some herbs like dill and borage. Are those best from seed or buying seedlings?

  2. I plant dill from seed and it does so well that I save my seed for the next year. I started borage outside this year too. I see little sprouts coming up. Herbs need regular watering, especially in the early stages.

  3. Ok, I think I'll try it. Ive had my fill of starting indoors for this spring, but I can plant outside!



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