Early Planting?

by - March 14, 2012

So what exactly do we do with this? The next 10 days are predicted to be glorious (yes, rain is glorious too). The traditional planting date here is Good Friday, which this year is April 6. There's always a chance of a freak frost hitting right up to the end of March, but it is so warm out that rogue beans are popping up in the garden. I'll hold off on tomatoes and peppers, but I'm very tempted to plant some blackeye peas, beans and squash. What are your plans?

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  1. First, I love you blog! I too, have been debating whether to sow seeds now or wait until April. I am trying to have restraint but the weather is just so beautiful. I doubt I will last!

  2. I planted some this week! I put in some squash and cantaloup seedlings, black-eye peas and a few beans. *Fingers crossed*



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