by - April 09, 2012

For about a week, I thought a family of blue birds would move into one of our two next boxes, but a sweet pair of chickadees fought hard for the one in the back and quickly built a nest from the straw I'd stuffed behind their box and fresh grass clippings. I've been opening the door to watch the progress, but never saw any birds inside - until this weekend when I got hissed at by a mama bird incubating her eggs. Today I peeked in and she wasn't there, but saw what looked like one whole egg, broken shells and something pink with a really long featherless neck wiggling. BABIES! When I came back a little later, mama was back and ready to hiss at me.

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  1. Chickadees are my favorite! (of course). I've got a chickadee family in a bird house that looks like rather scary cat with an open mouth that hangs from a tree.

  2. Aw, how cute! I have lots of chickadees that come to my bird feeders - they are quite fearless little birds!



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