What a week!

by - April 16, 2012

It has been one crazy week here with battling sickness - all three boys have had their ups and downs - planting the garden and preparing for a women's conference at our church. By this Saturday, my garden helper Scooby was all better and incredibly excited to help me plant tomatoes and seed corn and beans. How do I know he was excited? Today when I picked him up, his teachers knew all about his hard work. I gave him his own packet of pole beans and a poking stick, and although he may have put 15 beans in one hole on purpose for the sake of seeing "lots of beans come up together!", he was excellent with dirt moving, tomato pot carrying and dropping corn into the holes. He even requested his own tomato plant to go in his garden house next to - the FIFTEEN beans he planted - and although "they" say beans and tomatoes shouldn't be grown together, I know his will be the best in the garden because he is four, and magic happens for four-year-olds.

Today, Wookie and I found this gem who is now our garden mascot. I couldn't resist a faux-artsy shot with my iPhone.

This great find happened after we had a sweet date at cafe where he downed a blueberry muffin (not sharing even one bite) and I sipped on an iced mocha, which he referred to as "ouch" and "ew". Honestly, I had the same response before I gave it an extra squirt of Hershey's when I got home. I could tell it was a really good drink, but my tastes just weren't refined enough to pleasure in it without extra sugar. One day coffee will grow on me!

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  1. I keep saying that maybe coffee will one day grow on me, and so far it hasn't. ;) I keep hoping. lol

  2. Precious! Jack and the Beanstalk kept coming to my mind while reading this. I love that you are sowing these types of seeds into your little one's heart.

  3. Taylor... that bad news is that a morning coffee kept me up until 4am! I guess I'm just not cut out for it.

    Darla, I grew purple hyacinth beans last year that might as well have been just that! It grew so tall and took over the teepee and the okra. I saved a bunch of seeds, but I doubt I will grow as many this year.



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