In Bloom: Red Gladiolus

by - May 23, 2012

Since the first time I noticed a bouquet of flowers with a gladiolus in it, I've loved the flower. It reminded me of asparagus. However, I haven't met many other people that like them. I was looking at bulbs and mentioned to the lady shopping next to me how pretty they were, and she scrunched her nose saying that she hated the flower. My look of surprise prompted her to explain that they were the flower used at her mother's funeral. I guess because of it's height, the gladiolus does tend to get used at funerals. Please, when I die, don't ruin the flower for everyone else, okay? Thanks!

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  1. we have gladiolus lining a part of the bed beside the driveway. it'll be interesting to watch them bloom and see what color they are. but since ours haven't bloomed yet, I think I'll fertilize and water them tomorrow just to make sure we don't miss a flowering season because of hunger and neglect.

  2. Funny how powerful associations are.



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