Long-sleeve T altered for summer!

by - May 18, 2012

After months of oberving all the krafties cutting up their shirts and making new pieces for their wardrobe, I finally did it. I got the female version of cojonies and took a green longsleeve shirt from Old Navy and made something fancy. The best part is that absolutely no sewing was required. Here's what you need to do the same: A shirt, scissors, snaps (the pronged part and the back of the snap - the innie of the snap), and a hammer. This is the final product:

Lay your shirt on the floor and line up the shoulder seams so that you get an even cut on the sleeve.

Decide what shape and length you want for your sleeves and cut the first side.

Fold the shirt over matching up the seems in the front, back and on both sides. Make your cut on the other sleeve to match the first.

Assess for evenness and clean up the edges.

Using the remnants of the sleeves, cut out circles for the flowers. I chose to do three of them. Arrange them how you want them to be spaced. Place the pronged part of the snap on the inside of the shirt with the prongs facing the front of the shirt, and gently push your flowers onto the prongs. Place the other part of the snap on the top carefully align so it catches all teh prongs and gently hammer them together.

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