A Potato Tidbit

by - May 03, 2012

Lest you think my tomatoes have already fruited, this is not a picture of tomatoes. This morning I discovered that the potatoes had fruited. The part we like to eat grows underground, but these small fruits contain the seeds - not to be confused with seed potatoes. Once it is ripe, I'll figure out how to save the seeds for the next crop, and I'll post some pictures here. This is the first time I've ever seen my potatoes produce seeds, and I'm hoping it is a sign of a healthy plant and an abundant crop to come!

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  1. Wha???? i thought you saved the potato as seed for the next year's crop? this is blowing my mind.

  2. You can do it both ways. Supposedly, you can plant seeds earlier than seed potatoes.

  3. makes sense - planting the potatoes seems similar to planting bulbs. should jump-start the root system faster than starting from seed. a seed only has so much energy/sugars stored up in it.

  4. I haven't entered the fascinating world of potatoes yet. I yes, I did think those were tomatoes! Very cool.



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