Sunrise Garden Walk

by - May 10, 2012

Mornings after a good rain are always the best in spring. The air is cool, the ground is damp, and everything glistens. I poked around in the garden for a bit pulling weeds, snipping of the lowest branches of the tomatoes, and looking for yellow leaves on the potato plants. Birds were shooting like tiny rockets across the yard, and the cat perched expectantly under the empty feeder that had been raided by the squirrels. If only I'd take ten minutes every morning to breathe in the fresh air and absorb the sights and sounds before entering the chaos of the day.

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  1. The garden, first thing in the morning, is the place to be. I try to get up before everyone else, and step outside for a minute with my coffee. If I don't get to do that, then after I have sent everyone off, I make sure I get a few moments to inspect the garden, and talk to my plants :-)



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