Toddling Through Tuesday

by - May 15, 2012

I hope my friends don't envision me constantly coming up with gardening lesson plans and creative activities for my boys. I'm honestly not that motivated, as evidenced by my near inability to pry myself out of bed this morning and then again after Wookie awoke from his afternoon nap. I'm a very tired mom, due mainly to insomnia and the exorbitant number of Clif Kid Z Bars I consume. All that processed chewy, sweet goodness must be killing my metabolism.

At best, I leave the door cracked when I go out to the garden in the morning. Most of the time, Scooby remains engulfed in cartoons, but usually Wookie toddles on out the door like my baby duckling. Yesterday he saw me tossing weeds into a plastic flower pot, and this morning he fetched it and demanded, "More!". At first he wanted to help pull weeds, yet after getting fussed at for pulling up the corn, he decided to just carry the pot and boss me around. We took turns putting weeds in the pot and then dumping the pot into the compost pile.

This afternoon, we went back out, this time at Scooby's request. I started picking peas and eating them, and gave Wookie some to try. He's tried them before but never chewed them. The first mouthful was spit back out onto the deck, but after another shot at it, he started picking the pods himself and asking me to open them. I'm not sure how many little peas he devoured, but we cleaned off every last ripe pod from the vines.

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  1. Not pregnant. I think we're dne with that craziness.

  2. Tired seems to come with being a mom. Mine are 5 and seven now, and I still feel the need to boast when I sleep through the night.
    My younger one is very impatient, and can't wait for the fruit to ripen or the vegetables to grow. She pulled all the radishes in the winter, and has just finishing checking every last carrot to see if they are ready yet.... (obviously they never will be now). I am glad she is interested, though.



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