Detailed Garden Schematic

by - June 08, 2012

A friend requested I share this, so here it is! If you open the picture in a new browser window, you should be able to zoom in on it.

The plants shown are what was growing as of the beginning of June. There are far less carrots now after a week of picking a daily one for the baby. The teepee is in the bottom right corner, the herb garden is on the left, and the beds just outside the fence are not pictured. More lettuce has been planted in the various bare spots.

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  1. oh that's just awesome! I know that took you a long time. I'm going to be referring to it for ages to come! my main help will be with 1) companion planting, 2) plant spacing, and 3) layering. thanks again!!

  2. Well, I didn't put every single plant on there, so it may be packed in tighter than shown. I can't help myself when it comes to over planting. At least I'm holding to my 18" spacing on tomatoes this year.

  3. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing your labor of love with us!



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