Friday Foto Montage

by - June 22, 2012

tomato trellis


cucumber and tomato trellises

garden path

corn next to the bean dome

aerial view

french climbing beans work their way to the rooster

purple cone flower

Matt's wild cherry toamtoes

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  1. girl, our Matt's Wilds don't get that red on the stem! Autumn plucks them off as soon as they're orange, and they sit on the window sill in our kitchen, her eyeing them until they're red. our squirrels are quick to get ripe fruits. LOVE that top tomato trellis - might try that with bamboo next year! our Walmart just started carrying bamboo stakes :)

  2. Your garden is beautiful. I love the way you have done your paths. I am not even going to tell you have fabulous your trellises look...Wow!



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