Friday Freak Show

by - June 15, 2012

Friday morning, and the boys are still in their beds. There's a five hour countdown until the appraiser comes, and from what we know, there's a 50-50 chance he will actually come inside the house. We aren't moving - just refinancing, hopefully.

On the 50% chance he does, I painted the master bath. What's even more amazing than the fact that I waited five years to paint, is that I still liked the color of paint I picked out. This was excellent because I had two gallons of it in the closet for five years waiting to be used. The one that was already open had rusted shut, so I had to jam holes in the lid with a screwdriver to get at the paint.I had to put up a makeshift curtain from leftover fabric since the temporary paper shade (at least five years old) was begging to be thrown in the trash.

Well, I hear the boys now. I have five hours of distraction to do so that the house remains intact in case the appraiser does come inside. Wish me luck!

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  1. I remember the days of "5 hour distraction." Time to Protein UP! Your boys are soooo cute!

  2. gosh, that looks great! makeshift? looks store-bought to me!
    so did he/she come in??

  3. Good luck! I hope all that worked out for you :-)

  4. He did a five minute walk-through. We're still waiting on the the lender's response.



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