Saturday Assassins

by - June 09, 2012

** CORRECTION 6/7/2013: These are leaf footed bug nymphs, which have the two black spots and hang out in clusters.

I've posted these assassin bugs in the past, and they have appeared in the garden this year. I found a cluster of their offspring on a cluster of coriander seeds that I was waiting to dry so I could replant them or save for the fall. Assassin bugs prey on flies, caterpillars, beetles, and mosquitoes, so they are welcome inhabitants in my garden.

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  1. We did the lady bugs some times ago for aphids and they've been terrific. Most have gone away, but there are some still sticking around.

    I've never seen these assassins before though, looking like some tough army!

  2. I wish we had more lady bugs - the aphids are having too much fun in the garden! The assassin bugs do look like they mean business here.



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