Tomato Problem - Help!

by - June 06, 2012

This evening I discovered that the newest leaves on one of the main stems of a Brandywine tomato plant had dark brow speckles and blotches. Some had turned almost fully brown and crunchy. The rest of the plant looks healthy, save for some curling of the oldest leaves. The foliage is dark green and perky. The fruit are small and don't appear to have any problems, and only the stem of the worst leaf had some brown legions on it. Identification is proving difficult because there hasn't been any yellowing of the leaves or a halo around the spots.

Any ideas what this might be? Do I need to pull out the whole plant? I removed all foliage that had even a hint of freckles forming.

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  1. Doesn't look like the tobacco viruses that we get out here on our tomatoes. But it looks like some kind of virus. Not like inconsistent watering or fungi. Do you have fruit discoloration?
    I'd pull it & see if any nearby plants start with it.

  2. Looks like a virus to me, also.

  3. could it be "tomato spotted wilt virus"? website says it's tiny irregular brown spots, streaks, and ring spots usually on the youngest leaves; southern states

  4. Hmmmm. I was just reading a long description of tomato problems. Your problem only somewhat matches the photos of the following diseases:
    Is there any white fuzz on the underside of the affected leaves? If so, could be Late blight. Any dark bumps on the leaves? Could be Leaf-spot fungus. Did the plant come from good seeds? I'd definitely keep the plant away from the other tomatoes if you're going to try and keep it going in case it's got something that spreads by air.

  5. No fuzz. The closest thing I've seen is tomato spotted wilt virus. I'm going to observe it a few more days and see if it gets any more.



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