Weekend Heat Wave

by - June 30, 2012

Whew. This heat wave is something else. We have a thirty minute window in the morning during which the heat is tolerable and we water the garden and trees and let the boys play outside. Then, it's indoors for the rest of the day. Joe brewed his first batch of beer (it will have nice sweaty overtones), and I got the heck out of dodge and went out with a friend to shop for clothes I don't need and eat food I shouldn't.

And here are pretty pictures from earlier in the week. Top to bottom: cone flower, Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes, Toma Verde tomatillo, watermelon. This just might be the first summer I successfully grow watermelon. Usually they shrivel up once they reach a golf ball size.

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  1. aah -- garden memories. My garden is fading (frying) fast. Yesterday and today record heat of 103 degrees and nothing but more of the same for the next 7 days out. And our upstairs AC condenser played out this afternoon.

  2. Oh no, Diana! Some of my veggies like the okra seem to thrive in this heat. I'm waiting to see the fallout.

  3. I think I've figured out that my tomatoes haven't been doing much because of lack of pollinators/breeze, way too high temps, and too high humidity. The Matt's Wild and Speckled Roman are the only ones fruiting right now. But my tomatillos (purple) aren't fruiting. They flower a ton and there are two of them right together, so what do you think is the problem?

  4. Danielle, I'd guess it's a pollination issue. However, tomatoes aren't huge fans of heat and humidity. You can try pollinating them yourself and see if it takes. See: http://www.lovesown.com/2009/05/vibrators_16.html

  5. Gayla trail from you grow girl says you can spray your plants with epsom salt (1tsp epsom salt to one quart water). Spray the buds and leaves, it fortifies the plants with magnesium.

  6. Ooooh. I'll have to give that a try next time my blossoms aren't setting!



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