by - July 29, 2012

Trombetta and Luffa squash vines have completely covered the teepee and surrounding fence in the garden. It's been awhile since we've has squash or zucchini on our plates, so hopefully with the heat wave in the past, the vines will begin producing. My kids can hardly find a way into the teepee now, which isn't much of a loss considering the mosquitoes have us surrounded. Seriously, going outside provides very little pleasure due to all itchy bites.

The corn is phasing out and some of the tomato bushes have died off. The bean vines are flowering, but not producing beans. It's that lull between July and August, where the heat nearly overpowers the garden. For some reason, the pepper plants haven't even tried to do anything this summer. I buy plants, the plants drop leaves. Oh well. At least the okra is thriving in the heat, and the second planting is doing well. I'm longing for cooler weather and ripping out all the spent plants!

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