Tomato harvest and fun in the kitchen

by - July 18, 2012

It has been several summers since the tomato crop has come up this abundant and delicious. This means instead of immediately devouring each small, cracked, sad piece of fruit we pick, we can do a little cooking and storing.

Several days of picking builds up in the dining room before the fun starts

This Dutchman pink tomato passed the cheddar test.

Brandywine! After I lost the first plant, I wasn't sure we'd get any this summer.

Tomato basil soup has been cooked and frozen for the fall.

This is what I named "Red Kiss of Summer" but is likely an Omar's Lebanese tomato.

The colors and shapes this summer have been fantastic.

Homemade bread, pesto and candied cherry tomatoes tends to be a daily treat.

Candied cherry tomatoes in garlic and olive oil are amazing!

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  1. I need to know more about the candied cherry tomato thing :-)! we can't keep up with the rate the cherry tomatoes are ripening, and I need to start thinking of preserving them.
    I was thinking about drying them, but the candied cherry tomatoes sound wonderful.



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