August Planting in NC

by - August 13, 2012

This weekend I started doing more preparations for fall planting. While I hate pulling plants that are still producing, I have to evaluate the quality of that produce and whether the spot would be better used for something else. Sometimes, it's time to scrap the plant!

I'm two weeks late posting this information, and there's only two days left for a couple of the crops, but I doubt that matters too much. Here's a quick table of crops you can plant in August in the coastal and piedmont regions of NC. We are zone 7b and our first frost is Nov 1(ish), so add or subtract days to your timing based on your frost date.)


Vegetables Suggested Planting Suggested Cultivars Days to Maturity
Cabbage (plants) Aug 1–15 Round Dutch, Early Jersey Wakefield, Red Express, Red Rookie, Sweetbase 70–80
Cabbage, Chinese Aug 1–15 Pak Choi, Mei Ching, Jade Pagoda, China Pride 75-85
Cauliflower Aug 1–15 Early Snowball “A”, Violet Queen, Snowcrown 40–50
Cucumbers Aug 1–15 Carolina, Calypso, Liberty (mtns.), County Fair ’83, Poinsett 76, Sweet Slice, County Fair ’83, Salad Bush, Fanfare 40–50
Kale Aug. 15–Sept. 1 Green Curled Scotch, Early Siberian, Vates, Dwarf Blue, Curled Scotch, Blue Knight 40–50
Kohlrabi Aug. 1–Sept. 1 White Vienna, Grand Duke Hybrid 50–60
Lettuce (leaf) Aug. 1–Sept. 1 Grand Rapids, Salad Bowl, Buttercrunch, Red Sails, Romulus 40–50
Lettuce (head) Aug 15–31 Great Lakes, Ithaca 70–85
Mustard Aug. 15–Sept. 15 Southern Giant Curled, Tendergreen, Savannah 25–30
Radishes Aug. 15–Sept. 15 Early Scarlet Globe, Cherry Belle, Snowbells, White Icicle 25–30
Radish, Diakon Aug. 15–Sept. 15 April Cross, H. N. Cross 60-75
Spinach Aug 1–15 April Cross, H. N. Cross 50–60
Turnips Aug 1–31 Purple Top White Globe, Just Right, Tokyo Cross Hybrid, White Egg, All Top 55–60

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  1. I am jealous! My plants are so scraggly, but I think I would be looking failure in the face if I planted now... I probably need to give it another two weeks to a month!



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