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by - August 08, 2012

The ten of you who read Love Sown might have noticed that my posts have digressed from almost daily to quite irregular. This is for a good reason! I've been working at the wheel nearly daily and over the past few days have been developing an online store. Enough of my connections have inquired if I ship my pottery, so I decided it might be worth the effort of selling my wares online. 

Yesterday, I texted with a couple friends about how nerve-wracking it is to begin this venture. I remember the first Handmade Market I participated in as a seller and that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as people walked off with my work. It was a mixture in shock that people liked what I created (and paid me for it), uneasiness that now a piece of me was owned by someone else, and grief at losing creations I'd spend so much time on. I can still name off several pieces I wish were still in my personal collection.

Nerves aside, I've very much appreciated all the encouragement, complements, and even flattery poured out by friends over my latest work. It's so exciting to see the progression from my earliest, heavy-bottomed bowls in 2005 to the chalices and cake stands I've been recently throwing. I still have so much to learn, and the handbuilding techniques into course at Pullen Arts Center has been fueling the artistic drive. To those who keep cheering me on, thank you!

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  1. Cheers!!! I know exactly how you feel. I enjoy finishing a product. I hate putting a price on it. I'm never sure if it's worth more b/c of the time spent on it, or less b/c of all the little flaws I know happened in creating it.

  2. Money made of your own creations tastes and feels different from any other money you will ever make! (I speak from personal experience) I wish you piles and piles of it ! Good luck with you new venture!

  3. LOVE. Talking to Jason, but having a hard time deciding!



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