Slowing Summer

by - August 03, 2012

Moving into August, I feel slow. At any point during the day, if I lie down on the bed, it takes all the energy I can muster (or the boys jumping on my face) to get me up again. The only remedy has been the potter's wheel, on which I've been very busy cranking out pie plates, cake stands, mugs and chalices. Coffee hasn't offered much help, but I'm drinking it once a day somewhat religiously.

Thank goodness I have boys who entertain themselves well. After breakfast and a few shows, I walk with them on a morning bike ride around the cul-de-sac, and then they digress into playing with sticks, dirt and the water hose. Once the baby starts aiming the hose into the garage and hits the wheel, the fun and games are over and we clean up before morning/lunchtime errands to be followed by naps and more playing before dinner. For not having a routine, we have a pretty predictable day.

It's all about to change. I can feel it in the air, I can see it in the plants. I know Scooby will start up preschool soon and my fall distance class will begin. I look forward to things changing, but I'm going to miss our lazy days and just hanging out. However, change will be good. I'm hoping to do a few shows and unload some of this pottery and get an online store up and running (maybe sooner than later!)

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  1. Your pottery looks amazing!! You've got fab skillz! ;) I'd love for you to create me a couple of pieces!! What are your rates?

  2. Thanks, Taylor. What pieces are you interested in? I try to keep my prices consistent with other Etsy artists with my skill level and detailing... still figuring all that out ;)

    1. I'd love a large utensil holder and a cake plate. Do you paint your pieces?

  3. With all of that going on, when do you manage to throw? Do you do it when your kids are asleep? I know mine would never let me get a good session in...



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