Weekend fun

by - August 06, 2012

Peaches, pottery, gardening, shopping, playing, Olympics, snuggles - that about sums up the weekend, which started with a family outing to First Friday at Vintage21. We didn't stay long at the concert/peach fest, because as I told Wookie. "That is no way to behave at an art show!" He was super excited to be out in public and was a little bit loud, so we listened to a few songs, partook in the peaches and beverages, and then Joe let them play in the parking lot while I wrapped up conversations.

Weekends are simply the best - if you sleep. I was excessively foul at some point on Saturday because some young boy woke me in the middle of the night and kept me up for I'm not sure how long because I refused to check the time. However, Saturday had it's redeeming points, namely my date with Wookie to the flea market where we made some long awaited purchases, which will receive their own post at a future date. The kids also didn't nap on Saturday. I'm not sure why they were so excited, but they were bouncing off the walls and then hard crashed into whines at 7pm.

The weather was fantastic all weekend, and we ended the whole shebang Sunday night playing ball in the backyard until it was well past the boys' bedtime. We've found that if you keep moving, the mosquitoes have trouble taking a bite. However, for those who've wondered, they can still bite through yoga pants. Yay!

garden watermelon

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