Caterpillar Observations

by - September 22, 2012

Yesterday we scooped up all the caterpillars on the rue and sweet fennel, which we believe are from Eastern Black Swallowtails. It was just in time because the rue, which was once covered in caterpillars, only had five left, and there was not a single chrysalis in sight. The sweet fennel was

Here are a few observations from our first day with the bugs.

1. Caterpillars will fight over food. They do this head/upper torso butting action.
2. The little caterpillars are more aggressive and prone to showing their osmeterium, especially when being poked by a plant stem.
3. Caterpillars don't appreciated being walked over by another caterpillar.
4. Thirteen caterpillars eat a lot of vegetation and make a lot of poop.
5. Two caterpillars in a terrarium are a little cute. Thirteen are a little creepy.

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  1. Those are some big caterpillars. I saw your photo of the small tomatoes, I have some called Hawaiian tomatoes, they grow in clusters and you just pick them and pop them in your mouth. They never make it into the house.



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