Fall Garden Bliss

by - September 21, 2012

Strangely, the garden is currently the most productive it has ever been. The pathways have been completely blocked by various vegetation thanks to heavy rainfall that has led to vigorous growth. I haven't been fertilizing, but the garden doesn't seem to mind as nearly every square foot has been used to grow various types of beans and each morning I chuck a coffee filter bomb out the back door to a new spot in the garden.

Being the first year we've grown tomatillos, we really didn't know what to expect. Over the summer, we've probably harvest between 30 and 40 tomatillos, but right now the bushed are covered with at least twice that mean little papery husks growing new fruit.

Then we have the caterpillars from a Black Swallowtail. They are enormous now! 

I could definitely get spoiled by all this cool weather and vigor! This morning there was a group of Northern Flickers high up in a dead tree across the street doing a song and dance, fanning their yellow tails. It was just so beautiful!

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  1. What did you mean exactly by chucking a coffee filter into your garden? Like literally full of beans?? And I love that you say chuck! It's chunk all the way in my world. ;)

  2. my tomatillos grew big and happy here, but every single bud dropped. not one fruit! I had a minimum of two in each location, very fertile soil, and plenty of water and pollinators. I never could figure out why they wouldn't fruit!



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