The Magic of Filters and Editing

by - November 01, 2012

With The Handmade Market just around the corner, I placed my first order of prints for a look-book, and for some display frames to hang on the table. I've never sold photography at a show before, so I decided to have the 4x6 prints with a thin white trim for demo and let people place an order for larger prints if they desire. I'd still like to have some 5x7 prints available, but I don't know which ones to print.

There is one picture of Wookie and Joe on a Ferris Wheel from the NC State Fair that I just love. The original picture was taken with my iPhone, and was poor quality, but it had good angle and lighting. I used Camera+ to edit it to square dimensions and a spiffy filter (the "faded" one perhaps with "auto correct") and was really pleased with the results. When I imported it to Photoshop, there was nothing to do other than crop it before uploaded it to be printed. I like the grainy texture of the finished product as well as how the blues of the sky came together with the blues of the Ferris Wheel.

Original taken with iPhone 4s
Edited in Camera+ and cropped

Printed at Costco (no autofix) and framed

Before this little experiment, I had wondered if I was doing my Nikon P90 a disservice by leaving it shelved for the fair, but the phone, with the help of some filters, did a fine job for quick scene captures and made an ordinary shot wall-worthy. I'm now contemplating going through old foliage shots I posted on Instagram to use for spring note cards.

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