Kiln Opening 12-5-12

by - December 07, 2012

This week was my most favorite kiln opening ever. The entire set was hand built, other than a few wheel pieces that didn't fit in the last firing, so it was chock full of texture personality. The pistachio and espresso shino glazes I ordered from Aftosa arrived just in time, and now I'm plotting how I can get my hands on a larger quantity of them at a reasonable price. The pistachio was similar to the sea foam glaze I've used in the past, but it came with rich browns and broke gorgeously over texture. I had the most fun creating this batch, and I think it shows in the work. This week as I went back to the wheel, I was no longer satisfied with just a bowl or plate - they had to be given pizazz. Now, I want to do this every single day. Is that allowed?

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