Attainable Goals for 2013

by - January 01, 2013

Before laying out goals for 2013, I peeked pack to last year's post. I had three goals:

  1. Have a table at a craft or pottery show away from home. 
    I failed this one. I didn't travel outside of RDU, but I at least participated in a show I had not done before at Wake Crossroads Fellowship. Instead of traveling, I buckled down to build a new Storenvy site and to re-engage in Etsy. Getting my first online orders was truly affirming of my craft.
  2. Build a play fort in the back yard for the boys at nearly zero cost.
    Did you see the treehouse post, "Building a Treehouse on a Low Budget?" I'd say this goal was succeeded.
  3. Plan and implement a more robust composting system for our household.
    What does this even mean? I'm not really sure what I was aiming for here. We used the tumbler more (though it is now empty), and our compost pile has grown quite massive. Joe tackled this goal more than I did by going out and chopping up the big pieces. He also got a mower with a catch bag, which should mean more greens make it to the pile. 

Drumroll please........ Goals for 2013
  1. Make sure the toilet bowls are cleaned to and stay white.
  2. Develop and implement a production and marketing strategy for Paige Puckett Pottery & Prints.
  3. Reduce household clutter.

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