January Garden

by - January 03, 2013

Looking back at old January blog posts, I see that the end of the month is when I start my usual garden prep and seed starting posts. Earlier in the week I received a media kit from Renee's Garden so that I could select sample packets to try and then share with my readers. Other companies' reminders are showing up in the inbox, which means I need to go ahead and put in requests for some gorgeous heirloom seed catalogs. Baker's Creek is a personal favorite to thumb through. Thanks to seed saving through the years, there is less that I need to purchase each year. I actually have far more varieties saved than I have room to grow However it's always fun to try a new variety or two. For instance, I'm always on a quest to find squash that won't fall prey to vine borers and mold.

January Garden

Instead of the usual posts on getting ready for the spring/summer garden, I may shift my focus to the early spring garden. However, I don't want to be tied to weather reports and frost warnings. Also, I don't want to lose the sunny corning in the living room to stacks of seed trays. So, on the task list is figuring out when to get those early, cold hardy plants going.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I have noticed that Round de Nice will reroot a little on the stem and does have resistance to borers. Most butternuts are also pretty resistant to borers - if you want to dedicate that much space to your squash!

    I enjoy the pictures that Baker Creek provides. Another good heirloom seed company with hardy varieties is Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

    Best wishes with the upcoming season!

    1. Jay, I was going through some old posts and found this comment. Thanks for the tip. I checked out your blog and am super jealous of your greenhouse! It looks great. I may try Round de Nice this summer.



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