Sunny Saturday in January - Break from the Winter Blues

by - January 13, 2013

Oh this weather! We spent nearly our entire Saturday outside and in the garage. I sat out on the bricks in the garden and rolled up my sweatpants hoping a little sunshine would chase those winter blues away. The boys went straight to digging and playing with water.

Up until yesterday, I was wary about the upcoming garden season. Anticipating all the fuss and labor exhausted me. Bed sheets and pillows are so seductive. The thought crossed my mind that I could conquer the world -- if only I could get out of bed. At one point I crawled back into bed, ready to resign myself to a post-lunch comatose state, but then decided the boys needed to be outside. Days like yesterday are few and far between this time of year. It was worth it.

None of these pictures are filtered. Typically I love adding a little vignette and tinting, but the light and the colors felt so pure.

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  1. I love the pictures of the kids and the carrots. I just had my kids helped me harvest radishes yesterday. We all like mild ones and don't care much for the spicy ones. Half turned out to be mild and the other half were spicy. It was fun to see what each child got - since we couldn't tell what they would taste like just by looking at them. I'm of the opinion that children grow much faster than my garden ever could.

    Happy Gardening and best wishes as your family grows!



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