Super Sow Sunday

by - February 03, 2013

Super Sow Sunday. Well.... I was all set to do my indoor seeding next weekend, and my Twitter feed blew up with #SuperSowSunday. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Scooby and I planted one type of tomato in our plastic egg crate and peat pods.

Earlier this week, we had some spring-like weather and planted peas, carrots, turnips, onions, and more garlic. I plan on doing more tomatoes and peppers indoor next weekend, but we are out of the trays, so the dirty fun is over for this evening.

Quick tips for indoor seeding!

  • Seed starting kits are perfect if you haven't been saving up your clear egg crates and those plastic trays that come with the fabulous apple pies from Trader Joe's. 
  • Last year I found that my local plant place sold seed trays piece meal, and I was able to get a tall dome. Tall domes are great if all your seeds don't germinate at the same time and some plants need more head room.
  • Use a good seed starting soil or potting mix. Don't grab dirt from the garden. I did this once, and pests tore up my seedlings from inside the stems. I believe they were corn seed maggots - can we say "NASTY"?
  • Water and feed the seedlings. I always water them well (probably too much), but last year was the first time I used a little fertilizer. The seedlings were amazing because of it.
  • Pick the sunniest spot you can, even if you have to move a couch. I took over the entire corner of our living room because it faced the South-East sunny side.
  • Determine your last frost date and read the back of seed packets to get the planting date right.
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  1. A friend of mine here starts her plants under 2 growing lamps - one cool, one warm. She says it prevents leggy-ness and makes them able to be kept anywhere! We keep our cardboard egg crates and start small, slow-growing items in them and other things we put in peat pots (like Okra and other large-leafed things). I second buying starting mix! Best to start clean :)

  2. I've never heard of the cool and warm lamp method. I think simply getting enough sunlight helps prevent legginess too. I want to build a new cold frame.



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