Art for All - First Away Show

by - March 07, 2013

Tomorrow I head to Wilmington for my first art show outside of the Triangle. I have spent the week doing a little preparation each day, which involved pricing pieces, buying a 6' and 4' folding table, boxing up pieces, buying special treats and easy dinners to make the weekend go smoothly at home for the boys, cleaning off my iphone so it runs smoothly, going to Ornamentea to finish off some necklaces and pendants, and buying a second card reader. Today is the dreaded task of clearing out the Jeep, which is in such a state of disarray that I may wear gloves while I clean it out.

Perhaps most exciting about this show is that I'll be in the company of some diverse and impressive artists.

I'm really excited to have a place to crash. It's no big deal - just a second row beach house. That's right. Saturday morning I'm going to stick my toes in the sand and take in the salt air before heading back to my booth. The best part is the friend who has let me join her is just so very fun.

If you are in Wilmington this weekend, please come visit Art for All and be sure to stop by and visit.

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  1. this is so exciting! PPP is roadworthy! hope the show goes well. now to find an excuse for needing a few of those pieces you've fired recently ...

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