Dill and Dew

by - April 30, 2013

After a spell of dry weather and pollen, we've had several days of rain, and there has been much rejoicing in the garden. All the peppers and tomatoes are in, and nearly everything else has been seeded. Beans sprouts are popping up along with thousands of weeds. I have my work cut out for me over the next couple weeks. Last year, I waited to pull the weeds and they dropped seeds. This is a great idea to employ on herbs and lettuces - not on weeds.

While I've been exploring new life in the garden, I've been testing out my new camera. I really should read the manual as the two of us get into regular battles of will. I get the focus just right, press the button, and nothing happens. It is probably just that I am trying to use the wrong setting for the light, and the camera realizes I'm an idiot. Here are some shots of dew drops on dill from this morning's garden walk.

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