Spicy Swiss Chard and Fried Egg

by - April 02, 2013

This morning as I was misting the new lettuce and carrot sprouts in the garden, I looked over at the Swiss Chard and was overcome with a pang of guilt for not using it. I love growing things, but eating them is another story. So I gathered about 5 - 7 leaves from the center (forgoing the older, larger ones), and found a quick saute recipe online (here), which I tweaked to my own tastes. The trick to this recipe being so good and fresh, is the greens went straight from my back yard to the kitchen. My plants have overwintered, so I'm assuming the cold weather and newer leaves warded off any bitter taste. Also, from what I read, the red-stemmed chard is a little sweeter.

Spicy Swiss Chard and Fried Egg:

Ingredients: 1 bunch of Swiss Chard (red stem), 1 clove garlic, 1 1/2 tbs butter, 1 tbs grated Parmesean, dash of red pepper flakes, dash of salt.

1. Pick the newer mid-sized leaves off your Swiss Chard. 

2. Rinse well and cut into 3/4" strips. It is fine to use the stem until you get to the bottom of the leaf, where it may be too tough for your liking.

3. Slice a clove of garlic.

4. Melt 1 tbs of butter in a saucepan over medium head and add the sliced garlic and a dash of crushed red pepper.

5. Cook for about a minute before tossing in the chard, a dash of salt and 1 tbs of water.

6. Saute until beginning to brown and add 1 tbs grated Parmesean.

7. When the cheese starts to pop and turn golden, scoop out the Swiss chard onto your plate. Add another 1/2 tbs of butter and fry your egg in the same pan.

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