by - May 15, 2013

This Saturday I'll have a little table at the Pour House for the 7th annual Insplosure. It is a free event and a nice way to step indoors while hanging out at Artsplosure. I still have several mugs, succulent gardens, some tall vases and PLENTY of pendent necklaces. I'll bring along the nature prints too. This is probably the last show of the spring season before I get back to the wheel. Production completely halted the beginning of May to give my shoulder time to rest, so now I need to build up some new inventory, and plan on focusing on mugs, small planters, and small kitchen prep bowls.

On the other end of my work spectrum, this summer I'll be proposing and developing two new distance courses on compensatory mitigation (focus on streams, wetlands and buffers in NC) and on water rights (local and international focus). As a graduate student, I took a course in Political Science on International Environmental Law, which I loved, and am excited to explore this in light of Bio and Ag Engineering.

And here is my crazy child jumping off our treehouse.

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