North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

by - August 03, 2013

There are only three weeks left of summer before both of my boys head to school and I'm solo three mornings a week. While I have plans to get a lot of work done, at the top of my list is to go the the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences all by my lonesome. We've made several visits this summer, managed to explore most of the floors of both halves, but I feel there is still so much there to be discovered. We certainly have our favorites, and I enjoy seeing the world through their eyes. My three year old drags me to the snakes and poison frogs exhibits each time, which might be my favorite part of the museum as well. I love his enthusiasm and how much he retains from our discussions of nature. Yet I have a feeling that traveling alone, walking slowly enough to read the placards and scroll through the interactive touch screens and sit in silence in the new globe theater will be amazing.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences view from Jones St.
Emerald Tree Boa, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Just today we discovered a new exhibit that we had never explored. There is a whole section devoted to the "underground", and it's filled with fabulous rock formations. By this point in the trip I had one boy on my back and another asking to be held, so that will have to be studied at a later date. And hopefully the sloth will be out on a limb. Yes, there is a sloth.

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  1. We are planning on going tomorrow. I think Jude will have fun but I'm afraid Noah will get bored. Simon's just along for the ride.



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