Sweet Potatoes

by - September 28, 2013

Last year I planted sweet potatoes and got one measly little spud. I suppose I planted too late. This year, I got them in the ground early, and they completely took over the garden. They grew up and over the trellises, across the paths and into the okra and pepper patches. They made the most beautiful purple blossoms. Just this week, the leaves have started to turn, and as I pulled out weeds from the ground around the vines, I saw glorious sweet potatoes coming up out of the dirt. I haven't pulled up all the plants as some of the clusters I pulled looked like they could have taken another week of growth. I have a small pile washed and now curing on the deck table. I don't know how to handle sweet potatoes, but a couple summers ago, I saw my neighbor washing his sweet potatoes in five gallon buckets and leaving them out to dry.

September garden

popping out of the soil

a big gourdish one

the pile

sweet potato blossoms

sweet potato dome flanked by peppers and basil

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  1. just make sure you get to them before frost. They say it can make the s.potatoes toxic. Ours look pretty exciting too. Most years I get 3 little bitty things. I'm hoping my load is as good as yours!

    1. Oh, that's helpful to know! I'll probably tackle the dome next weekend.

  2. I always take my sweet potatoes inside after the first light frost. That is about at 34 degrees F. I think as long as you don't get a frost anywhere below 32 you should be okay to wait a while. Harder frosts will definitely damage the potato and turn it into mush. My current sweet potato vines are taking over my yard and going into my alley!

  3. By the way - those are some good looking potatoes. I usually cure sweet potatoes in my hot water closet before putting them into long term storage. I love the picture of the flowers. It usually takes a while for them to develop.

    1. Thanks, Jay. My potatoes are still on the deck, and I bring them in one at a time to cook. I suppose I should bring them all in now!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I mulched the area the spring and I think some has already broken down.



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