Kitchen Window Birding

by - February 02, 2014

This past week there was no school from Tuesday - Friday. This wasn't part of my plan. I had work to do - a lot of it. I'm teaching four distance classes currently, and letting a couple days go by without continuous input of effort means a massive brain pile-up on the freeway keeping materials and students and discussion posts sorted out.

Three inches of snow somehow brought the county to a grinding halt, so we were home a lot. Since I work from home, you'd think not having to drive the kids to and from school would enable me to get more done. Let me ask you this - have you ever successfully tried to have sustained rational thoughts with two boys bouncing off the walls? I didn't think so. The first thing I tried was letting them play Mario Brothers on the Wii. I felt pretty sneaky - they were always asking to play anyhow. Guess what? My oldest likes to narrate and ask me questions about single thing that happens on the screen. And he flails his legs around while he plays.

What at least brought us all peaceful, connected entertainment was watching birds. Scooby has a new bird book from his grandparents, so we spent hours by the window watching the feeders. I even let him use the camera. I wasn't pushing this activity on them. They'd see me sitting with a camera, and eventually we'd all be sitting at the kitchen table or lined up in the bay window of the dining room. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. Even Wookie is proud of how much he learned.

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  1. I love that your boys are bird watchers. We need to get into that at my house. What a calm, educational pastime.



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