Weekend Snapshots

by - July 27, 2014

The weekend still has half a day to go, but it's currently raining and I'm watching the boys carry around blanket rolls like they are babies, and I'm eyeing the growing pile of laundry in front of the stairs. Matthew and I sat out in front of the bee and butterfly corner of the garden as the storm clouds rolled in. I get antsy in the rain, because most of my summer days are spent outside in the garden or on the deck watching the boys play. I've already popped open the back door three times to see if it's let up enough to walk around outside.

Yesterday I lost track of time as I watched a single butterfly dining off the coneflowers, black eyed susans and cosmos. At one point it shared a flower with a bumble bee. Neither seemed to mind the other as they dipped their straw-like tongues down and walked in circles around the prickly, golden center.

At first the butterfly would drift away as soon as I leaned in close to take a picture, but after awhile I was able to touch its legs and try to get it to crawl onto my finger.

I freely admit that I'm a nature stalker. I'll happily sit in bug spray and sweat, step barefoot in the dirt, and be prickled by the squash leaves in the name of a good view.

I bought a second, smaller feeder for the humming birds so we could see them while on the deck. The okra and rose bush have grown so tall that we can't see the other one anymore without straining for a view. Within a few hours, the new feeder was appreciated.

The boys don't always take interest in the same things as I do, but I love watching them exploring and interacting with the back yard. When I send them out to play, they usually don't stay long, but if I'm out there with them, they will happily find things to do.

The start of school is now less than a month away, and though the days are still long and hot, I can feel change is coming.

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