Frosty Garden

by - November 19, 2014

It was a frosty morning in the garden! I guess it is time to start popping the D3 supplements because it is way too chilly to sit outside with my sleeves rolled up. Pictured below are oregano, some type of choi (bok? pak? I dont' know), and triple curled kale. Last week, the basil, beans, peppers and cherry tomatoes (the last bit of summer still holding on) permanently bit the dust, so now there's a good bit of open space on the ground. It only took a month, but some spinach sprouts finally took to the soil, and I'm hoping they overwinter.

In other news, I'm three weeks into a pottery class at Pullen Arts Center and am enjoying the time at the wheel. The kids and I cranked out some Christmas ornaments for family and teachers over the weekend, so we will have some work to do glazing this coming weekend. Several weeks ago I bought five state cookie cutters to make ceramic ornaments with, and thought I was incredibly clever until I browsed the shelves at Pullen and saw that state ornaments are all the rage this season. Oops. But come on, it doesn't get more cookie-cutter than using a cookie-cutter. It is still a fun project (for the kids too) and makes a nice little gift. I will have to write an ornament "how to" blog post soon with the finished product.

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