Little Thought for the Morning

by - January 30, 2015

With social media, there's a trend to announce convictions and lifestyle changes, whether it's the choice to wear leggings, the tv shows we allow our children to watch, the stores where we will no longer shop, the foods we will no longer eat, the drinks we will partake in, how we exercise, discipline our kids, etc. You get the picture. Even when I agree with these, I often find myself getting defensive, thinking of snarky responses or feeling inadequate that I'm not performing well enough. Often these changes are driven by spiritual convictions, and sometimes they are driven by guilt, but the announcement of them seems to never be driven by a desire to point people to Jesus, at least not if we deeply assess our motives. Announcements present our own portrait of morality, the face we hope the world will see. These announcements almost always throw someone under the bus. What if instead of proclaiming our pursuits of holiness, we quietly lived out our convictions showing His holiness?

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