Out of clay!

by - January 07, 2015

Oh no! I'm out of clay. I used up my bag at Pullen, and the last of my bag at home. While cleaning out the garage this weekend, I found several bags of moldy and rock hard clay. It's a sign of having taken some time off. I need to drive out to Durham for more clay, but I'm not about to make that drive in rush hour traffic. Besides, with as low as the temperature will be dropping tomorrow, I doubt my trusty little space heater will get the garage warmed up.

Last night I joined the Triangle Potters Guild. I've been eyeing this group since taking classes at the NCSU Craft's Center, but I never determined that I was a "potter" or "ceramic artist" and thus was qualified to be part of the group. That's just silly, because the group is comprised of people with a whole range of experience and skill. Rachel Smith gave several great demonstrations, and I was able to pick up some new tips and inspiration.

While stalking a friend's pins, I saw a water-color tutorial. I had a huge urge to go buy water color paper, but I checked myself and decided to let the clay be my canvas. I love the way underglaze blends into the wet clay, and I plan on picking up a few other colors next time I'm out... once I have clay!

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