Progress on Home Office Organization

by - January 24, 2015

I tore into my office, which may now be called "the study" as my son has tried to take it over with his music stand and new viola. After trying out a few configurations to include him in the space, I chased him out and moved his stand to the dining room. I'm fine if he wants to practice in here, but it's too had to navigate with a music stand and an extra chair when he's not practicing.

So after several days of cleaning and organizing, The Study has come a long way. There are still some piles spilling out on the floor -- stacks of books and pottery -- but we have good intentions to build some shelves in the hallway. Amazingly, I threw out a whole printer paper box of junk, which for a semi-hoarder is a big deal. I even had Joe take a side table to Habitat Restore. I purchased six tan Better Homes and Gardens collapsible bins from Walmart, which fit perfectly in the Ikea Expedit shelves. There are bins for the following:
  • Sewing machine (it's a small one)
  • Sewing and craft supplies
  • Photography (matted prints and such)
  • Stationary, mail supplies
  • Shipping bubbles and envelopes
  • Garden seed packets
The top basket has random office supplies, and the final shelf has pottery. Excess pottery is a problem in our house. I have pieces listed on Etsy, that are waiting to be sold, but I also have pieces that I want to keep that are samples of the various stages of my skills development, and I have some that are simply too ugly to sell. I am starting to put a box together of "freebies" that I will have to determine what to do with. There's a huge stack of cardboard boxes in the corner just in case I make a sale on Etsy. The USPS will send customers free flat rate boxes to make shipping easier with them.

My only real concern now is that every time my neighbors drive by, I'm sitting in the window -- maybe even pointing the camera towards the bird feeder out front. I look like a real creeper at times. 

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