Morning Garden Walk

by - May 05, 2015

Each morning I step outside to see what growing, what new, and as my son interjects, "what's old." I love the cool air and the birds with just a faint buzz of traffic in the city. 

I sat on the deck for a moment to watch the cat listen to the birds with her ears upright and her head slightly jerking from side to side, and when I had gone back in to feed her breakfast I glanced over my shoulder and noticed the chair was still bouncing ever so slightly on the deck. I puzzled that even a minute after I was gone, that transfer of motion and energy kept the chair vibrating as a sign I was there not long ago.

I wonder that all of nature with its wind and sounds and vibrations points us to a sign that not only was God here not that long ago as He breathed life into dust and set particles in motion, but that He is still here.

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