Weeds, Mosquitoes and Garden Pics

by - June 26, 2015

June isn't over yet and already the weeds are getting the best of the garden paths. I've now been suggested by multiple people to try spraying white vinegar of the weeds. I mixed up a little Dawn dish detergent with white vinegar in a spray bottle, and sprayed the weeds first thing this morning. By mid-day, the most prevalent weed in my garden was burned up, but the spider grass needed another application. I will stick to pulling the weeds in the garden beds around the plants by hand, but hopefully this will help control the spread of those as well.

Before treatment
7 hours after treatment
Scorched chamber bitter, aka mimosaweed
The garden is otherwise looking good for June in spite of the earlier heat this year. We started using a mosquito control service (Mosquito Authority in case you are curious), so now my battles only involve the heat and the weeds. Almost immediately after the first treatment, we were able to go outside without having to douse ourselves in bug spray. The subsequent treatments are supposed to eliminate the pests even better due to the timing of the mosquitoes' reproductive cycles. For two weeks we didn't get bitten in our yard. This is huge improvement from my typical 11 bites through my yoga pants and socked-sandals while weeding the garden. I now go out in shorts again!

red okra

bird-pecked tomato


citrus basil

grasses around birdbath

honey bee on cone flower

pumpkin vine

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