Hawk in the 'Hood

by - July 29, 2015

Last night on the way back from an emergency stop for toilet parts and Chinese food, we spotted a hawk on the baseball field fence. I had Joe drive me home so I could run in to get my camera and then drop me back off at the field. We often see hawks circling the sky in the neighborhood, but this was the closest I've ever come to one, and it was kind enough to sit still so I could capture some pictures. The gentleman across the street sitting on his front porch with his granddaughter informed me there was a pair of great horned owls in the woods behind him as well. We've heard those two in the middle of the night. He said the hawks stay well fed on the squirrels.

There is a blogger that regularly shares updates on a family of Red-tail Hawks in Downtown Raleigh: https://opienc.wordpress.com/. I don't know if this bird is part of that crew or not.

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  1. great photos, so wonderful to see him up close

    1. Thanks! Yes, I love it when I get to see birds up close.

  2. nice shot. this Red-tail is probably not one of the kids from the pair in downtown. this is a juvenile - green yellow eyes and striped tail.
    the pair downtown did not nest this year, at least not in the original nest by the baptist church on the capitol.
    if they did nest, they would be hunting to feed the juveniles.



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