Our Furry Girls

by - August 12, 2015

Did I mention we got a new kitten? Meet June Carter Cash the Kitty. She has several other names: Junie, June Bug, and just Bug. My five year old usually calls her by her full name.

We also have this 11 year old cat named Nala. She's not a huge fan of June, but she's hanging in there and is enjoying sneaking June's kitten chow whenever she gets a chance.

We give Nala a break at night and whenever we leave the house by keeping June in my 7-year-old's bedroom, which was her private quarters for her first week with us as we tried to get the cats used to each other's scents and sounds. She has everything she needs in there, including her own sunny spot. We also occasionally give her a break from the boys' grabby hands.

I was really worried about bringing home another cat, but there haven't been any nasty fights. Nala seems to be tolerating June's presence as long as June isn't getting in the way of her food bowl, litter box, sunny spot, or following too closely. June is intensely curious about Nala, especially Nala's twitchy tail. The kids think this is the best thing ever. They are smitten with the kitten! They also think a grumpy Nala is hysterical.

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