Grayson Highlands

by - September 08, 2015

We've returned from our Labor Day (Weekend) trip to Virginia, and once again I've taken far more pictures of wildlife than my family. The "wild" ponies were exciting for the kids, and we loved our hike in Grayson Highlands. I did get plenty of cute shots of the boys, but I'll save those for the family.

The first day we hiked, it was foggy and chilly, but two days later it was hot and clear. The ponies had moved from grazing in an open clearing to the bottom of the hill in a grove of trees. Of course, we hiked back to the top of their usual area before a pair of horseback riders informed us that they were back at the base of the trail.

Gold was the color of the season with hints of purple and red. There were still some blueberries left of the bushes whose leaves were already beginning to change color. I've never seen such tiny blueberries, which my boys insisted were the best blueberries ever. Probably in another year or so they will be old enough for a camping trip in Grayson, but not near the ponies since they are rumored to be major food thieves.

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