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by - September 10, 2015

Yesterday after I shared gardening pictures on Facebook, I realized I probably should have posted them here on the blog. While I've gone out regularly to pick okra and beans, the garden has taken a back seat to the new school year,  soccer practices, and my newly discovered ability to run errands without kids. I do little thirty minute projects here and there like taking down the blueberry nets, replanting raspberry runners and pulling out sections of mimosa weed. I've tried twice now to seed a section of spinach, but some pesky bunnies keep mowing it down. We've been getting a lot of rain over the past few weeks, which has caused both the peppers and okra to get top heavy. I have a lot of tasks ahead as we transition to Fall, but I'm waiting for the cool air before I get too dirty!

I'd love to have a gorgeous fall garden, but I'm tempted to pull everything out and let it all rest until spring, save a small section of garlic and the perennial herbs. I struggle with my own reluctance to week out any "desirable" plant, and the disorganization is driving me nuts. Sometimes I love that dill is popping up everywhere, and sometimes I'd like to take a shovel and turn it all over. Think of it as spring cleaning, but outside in the Fall. 

The pole beans are also out of control. I'm not sure what variety is on the dome (and pictured above), but next year I will only choose to plant a French pole bean, "Emerite" by Renee's Garden seeds. These long, round beans are by far the loveliest and easiest to prepare as they are stringless and snap easily. The beans on the dome may be half-runners that toughen up too soon and are too stringy. One lesson I'm learning is that while it is fun to try multiple varieties, choosing one that works well can be a better use of space!

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