Pottery Update

by - November 09, 2015

Somehow I allowed a lot of time to pass after last using my wheel. It's not that I was officially taking a break, but with the kids being home in the summer and then adjusting to having both in school and figuring out how much time to spend volunteering there, working on my fall class (I teach distance graduate engineering courses), and trying to catch up on the neglected house projects, I let the pottery fall to the side. Time was an issue but so was a messy garage. Even if I had made the time to create, I wouldn't have been able to use the space.

Now the studio has been cleaned and rearranged, and I've started back throwing. There is a show coming up on December 3, and that is the only show I've signed up for this season. So I'm going simple - back to cylinders. I love simple forms, and it doesn't get much more basic than a cylinder in pottery. This stack of cylinders is a combination of mugs and succulent planters... or utensil holders. I sometimes leave the potential use up to the customer's imagination. Right now they are all white and blue. The dining room is filled with plants right now, so some will definitely end up as windowsill gardens.

The other plan is to have some ornaments for sale at the show. I will head to Pullen Arts Center and knock out a day or two of slab work later this week. I've got tons of cookie cutters and am debating what words to have on the ornaments this year.

That's all for now! I will add progress shots in a later post.

Heavy swirl plate
Collection of cookie cutters
Wine glass stolen from the kitchen
Molds and bats
Work space

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  1. looking good, may I ask where you got your cookie cutter stand, so handy

  2. My mother in law used your bowl the other day. It made me smile. And remember that I don't have anything of yours. I gave it all away! I'm glad your back to making pottery. It's good pottery. Functional and beautiful.



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